1. What format do the eggs come in?

I only deliver in trays of 30 in a recyclable cardboard tray.  Prices are £9 for a 'one time' order, £8.75 if you sign up to a fortnightly or monthly subscription. If you can get a group delivery together, then I offer a discounted price of £7 a tray if I can deliver 6 or more trays to one address.

2. How fresh are the eggs? How long do they last?

The eggs are delivered on the day they are laid, so they are as fresh as you can get them, unless you have your own hens! This means that the use by date is 28 days (4 weeks).

3. Am I in your delivery area? 

All our delivery area maps are available to look at on the website. We do stick within the boundaries we set. However if you are close to a delivery area it is worth emailing us with your postcode and we can see what we will do. We are constantly reviewing the areas we deliver to, and will announce on our social media if we are going to new delivery area.

4. What times do you delivery?

We do not guarantee a delivery time, but most orders will be delivered between 9am and 6pm, which the majority before 3pm.

I can’t guarantee particular times because each day it depends on the number of orders we have and the given route that this then creates5.  

5. What if I’m not in when you deliver?

Most of our customers are not in when we deliver. This is no problem. We can leave the eggs anywhere you ask us to, if you just leave a note on your order. We prefer to leave the eggs under shelter somewhere, due to changeable weather conditions.

If you are paying cash, then we are happy for payment to be left in a chosen location, in an envelope or bag.6. 

6.   How can I pay?

You can pay online when you order through a bank card or Paypal. You can also pay cash on delivery if you order a one time order. All subscriptions are automatic card payments.

7. Can I set up a regular delivery?

Yes. Most of my customers have a regular fortnightly or monthly delivery.  Payment is taken automatically and the order is generated each fortnight/month, so you don’t have to remember to order each time. You can mange your own order, and skip orders if you don’t need the eggs. However you can’t pay cash on delivery if you use this service.

8. Who will deliver my eggs?

I have a dedicated teams of delivery people, who help me deliver the eggs each week. They generally have the same areas each week, so will get to know you…or your houses! I personally go out and deliver whenever I can, as I like to keep in contact with my customers. Look out for our delivery drivers with our Sapling Eggs branding.

9. Can I come and collect eggs from the farm?

The simple answer is no, we don’t have a farm shop or ability to take payment. Also due to the threat of Avian Bird Flu between the months of November and April we try to limit the number of people coming into the farm. 

10. Where should I store my eggs?

Personally, we keep our eggs at room temperature in the larder/cupboard., as we believe they cook better from this temperature (much like meat).  There is an opinion that eggs stay fresher if kept in the fridge, but supermarket or wholesale eggs are not chilled during the production process or in store, so we don’t think they need refrigerating

11. Are your eggs Organic?

Our eggs are not Organic. The difference between free range hen and organic hens are that Organic hens are fed organic feed. Our hens are Free Range, Freedom Foods endorsed and RSPCA Assured.